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September 30, 2020

Virtual Organizing - DIY with Help from a Professional

There are many reasons that one might decide hiring an organizer is the right call to make - but have yet to do so. Projects can seem too overwhelming. Maybe you just don't know where or how in the world to get started. Could be that you simply can't imagine someone coming into your home and seeing that closet, bedroom, or garage all cluttered up. Maybe your hectic schedule just doesn't seem to have the room needed to dedicate the time to bring in a professional.

Sometimes all you need to get started is the practical information and the right resources - and sometimes you need someone to come along beside you on your journey.

Introducing Virtual Organizing, by The Simplify Style.

Virtual Organizing with Simplify Style starts with a Zoom Call.

Virtual Organizing is a fairly new concept, though with so many things moving into the virtual world and online this year, it's a natural transition - and it's very easy to get started.

After reaching out to Simplify about your project (maybe a bedroom, garage, closet, etc) you'll schedule a Zoom video call. You and I will have a relaxed, noninvasive virtual walk-through in your space, probably take some easy measurements, and decide on a plan of action based on your goals.

Next, I will take the information from your virtual walk-thru, measurements, and goals created in your Zoom call - and create a customized-to-you plan of action - that you can put into play at your convenience, and on your schedule.

Here's what you get with your Virtual Organizing package:

  • 1 Hour complimentary Zoom call to assess your project details
  • Written organizing plan with customized-to-you plan of action
  • Product recommendations tailored to your exact space
  • Custom labels mailed directly to you (up to 20 per room)
  • Phone/Email support for two weeks to assist with project questions
  • Follow-up texts to help with accountability (if desired)
  • Simplify Style 100% confidentiality and zero judgement policy
DIY SESSION: $150 (2 Hours)
4 DIY SESSIONS: $550 (8 Hours)
8 DIY SESSIONS: $1000 (16 Hours)

Want more information - or ready to get started? Perfect! CLICK HERE

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