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September 28, 2020
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Organizing With A New Mom

Over the last several months, I’ve had the privilege of working with a beautiful new mom. She was referred to The Simplify Style shortly after the baby was born and we immediately got to work.

We went over the new daily routines for mom and baby, and came up with organizational strategies that worked with the flow they wanted to create. 

We balanced projects that focused on everything 'baby' with sessions that made mom feel lighter and more confident in this new season. I’ve watched and helped prepare for this little guy’s transition from a bassinet next to his parent’s bed - to his very own nursery.

Fast forward through an amazingly quick year, and the basinet has been packed away - and replaced with a high-chair and walker. All of baby's outgrown outfits have been folded and stored in containers awaiting the arrival of a little brother or sister.

Having an organizer at the ready takes pressure off of families to keep up with the constant changes of the first year - freeing up time to thoroughly enjoy every moment and stage as they happen.|

This is what we love to do! There’s never any judgment that the laundry isn’t folded - we’re just proud you got a load washed. If you didn’t make it that far - let’s knock it out and leave you with a fully reset baby closet (after we pack away everything outgrow ;)

If you are expecting or know a new mom consider purchasing a session or gift card. 

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